Picanha capicola short ribs fatback ribeye

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    A man attacked by a tiger from Mount Baekdu dies… The upper body is cold

    A man believed to have been attacked by an endangered Baekdusan tiger (Amur tiger) living in the Russian Far East was found dead.

    Russia’s state-run Tas news agency reported that a young man who died in the forest at the upper reaches of the Buta River in Khabarovsk Province on the afternoon of the 10th was discovered by local rescuers. On the 9th, the man had been reported missing.

    The place where the dead man was found was a place to hunt wild animals, state local government officials explained.

    When the rescue team was discovered, the upper body of the body was severely damaged.

    The official said that it is possible that a man was killed in the attack of the Baekdusan tiger.

    The TASS news agency said that it is currently sending wildlife experts to the field to determine the exact cause.
    In recent years, in the Far East of Russia, a tiger from Baekdu, whose food was scarce, appeared in private houses, causing damage to local residents.

    In fact, in December of last year, a tiger from Baekdu came down to a village in northern Maritime Province and attacked a dog and killed it.

    The Baekdu-san tiger is the largest tiger species on the planet, and it is known that the population is only 500-600 .

    Most of them live in the Maritime Province and Khabarovsk Province.